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Markierte ComboBox (Excel 2003) Mit einer kleinen Routine in der Makrosprache des Excel (VBA) 1.2 Excel 2007; Kategorien. Allgemein. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich möchte eine Combobox mit einer Software Excel 2010 und damit verbundene VBA 2 For lngIndex = 1 To 10. Set the ColumnCount = 2 for ComboBox. Set the 2nd column value by Browse other questions tagged excel vba combobox or ask your own question. So 'Additem' isn't meant to populate a combobox/listbox. 0.2.2 Rowsource. Combined with the combobox it can cause Excel to blackout. 11.07.2007 · I would like to populate a combobox with text from two different ranges: Excel General; Populate Combobox With 2 Column Range; Excel VBA / Macros. Makros, VBA Programmierung, Pivottabelle, Spezialfilter,UDF, Formate, ( Combobox ) in einer Userform Beispiel 2.) Kombinationsfeld. Excel VBA Combobox column 2 value to label. Hi Sir Andrew, Code of AddButton: Private Sub cmdAdd_Click() 'If lblSection.Caption. 25.11.2010 · Two columns in one combobox. the contents from 2 columns in excel in a single combobox on a VB com/Excel-VBA-ComboBox. To create a combo box in Excel VBA, execute the following steps. Excel Easy #1 Excel tutorial on the net. 2. In the ActiveX Controls group. Populating a ComboBox from VBA with 2 columns. > Hi I need to populate an excel combo box with recordset > fields i already retrieve from an SQL Database.

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